Live Stream @ICGRx

We are delighted to announce the next International Collaborative Grand Round #icgr2 will be live streamed from our national conference in Manchester. The theme of the Grand Round is Mental Health and Well-being.

#ICGR2 will be co-led by Dr Hankir and streamed globally through @ICGRx in collaboration with Professor Carrick at the Carrick Institute. 

Synopsis: ‘The Wounded Healer’: An anti-stigma programme targeted at healthcare professionals and students

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Are you feeling the burn of working at the coalface of clinical medicine? Guess what? You are not alone. A recent study published in the Lancet revealed that physician ‘burn-out’ and ‘emotional exhaustion’ has reached epidemic levels. However, mental health stigma is a major barrier to accessing care and many doctors and medical students under psychological distress continue to suffer in silence despite the availability of effective treatment. The consequences of mental health stigma in the healthcare profession can be fatal. In 2000, Dr Daksha Emson tragically killed herself and her 3-month old baby girl during a psychotic episode. An independent inquiry into her death concluded that she was the victim of stigma in the NHS. Succinctly put: stigma is killing people.

‘The Wounded Healer’ is an innovative method of pedagogy that blends the performing arts with psychiatry that was conceived by a Royal College of Psychiatrists award-winning doctor with first-hand experience of psychological distress. The main aims of The Wounded Healer programme are to engage, enthuse, enthral and to educate to debunk myths, challenge stigma and to encourage care-seeking. The Wounded Healer performance has been delivered to more than 50,000 people in 12 countries on 5 continents worldwide and has been integrated into the medical school curricula of 4 UK universities. Filmmakers from the University of London have also produced the Wounded Healer documentary film. Audiences report in written feedback that the Wounded Healer is ‘inspirational’ and ‘the best lecture they have ever received in medical school’.


Dr Ahmed Hankir is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies (USA) and Research Fellow with the Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in Association with Cambridge University (UK). Dr Hankir’s research interests and activities include mental health stigma, the mental health of vulnerable groups and global mental health. Dr Hankir has delivered Keynote Lectures alongside Nobel Prize Laureates in international conferences worldwide and is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards most notably the 2013 Royal College of Psychiatrists Foundation Doctor of the Year and he was a Finalist for the 2015 Royal College of Psychiatrists Communicator of the Year Award.

Frederick Carrick is a Professor of Neurology and Senior Research Fellow of BCMHR in association with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK. He holds a DC degree from CMCC in Toronto, Canada and a Ph.D. from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Dissertation: Neurophysiological Implications in Learning).  Professor Carrick was a Global Clinical Scholar at Harvard Medical School and is a Faculty Scholar at Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Macy Institute. He has a Master of Science in Health Professions Education degree from the Harvard Macy and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Institutes and holds board certifications in neurology with fellowship credentials in Neuro-otology, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and EEG. He has maintained a consultant specialist practice in neurology for 4 decades and has been a Medical Educator for 38 years. He is the subject of the Emmy award-winning PBS documentary “Waking up the Brain” as well as countless prime-time television, newspaper, magazine and journal articles. He has special interests in movement disorders, traumatic brain injury and sports concussions and has developed novel treatments, publications, and patents in these areas.